COVID-19-Has changed everything.  I provide both inhouse and telehealth service to accommodate everyone's needs.

I provide a full range of services from Counseling with children and adolescents to families, couples and marriages to Individuals.  I specialize in Childhood Hereditary disorders; such as ADHD, Tourrettes and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  I am successful with Depression and Anxiety disorders.  I have spent 30+ years working with Family Doctors treating Diabetes and Pain Management with depression.  I work with Emergency Services providing Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, and provide varies groups for different issues including grief management after the death of a loved one.

After almost 30 years I have built a successful practice where I reach out to as many people as possible providing them with the services that they need.

  • In the Office Counseling by Appointment

  • Appointments for telehealth are scheduled though my confidential portal.

  • Email and Text messaging for Emergencies

  • I am virtually available to my clients 24 hours a day.




I am trained in all issues, but specialize in:

1. Depression

2. Anxiety

3. OCD

4. Eating Disorders

5. Bipolar Disorder

6. Career and Job Counseling


  • ADHD; Evaluations and Counseling, Behavior modification programs, help designing a program that works with home & school.

  • OCD: Evaluations and Counseling, as well as working with the family to understand how the illness affects the family as a whole.


  1. I assess the needs of the child in trouble and help come up with a plan and goals to work toward a positive change in that child’s life.

  2. I work with the family to help change how the child is seen so that the family can feel whole again or for the first time.


  1. I will work with the family to identify the problem and help develop a plan which can be used at home and school.

  2. I understand the PA Special Education rules and can help parents understand them as well so they can be a better advocate in school for their child.


Traditionally, someone is identified as the problem. I look at the family as a whole and evaluate the reason they say they need help as well as the actual reason the family isn’t working. Then I provide the system with a plan to correct both problems.


I listen carefully to what both parties bring to the table and try and work out a plan so that harmony can be restored to the couple through trust and mutual understanding.


I run successful psycho-educational anger management groups which help teach the learner how to use better tools to make better decisions other than losing your temper, scaring people, being disrespected or completely ignored because of your anger.  This course is 11 weeks long, but at the end you are given the skills to change. Today group is replaced with an individual plan to work with each person seeking help.


we never waste time! You can take advantage of our mobile notary services, in-office and Electronic Services on YOUR time, whenever that may be. For grants, trusts, affidavits, Mortgage closings and E-Signings all documents that need notarization, I travel to you when and where you require.